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Common Problems Your Used Car's Transmission Might Face

Even with proper use, a machine requires regular maintenance. If not don’t so, the gadget or machine lifespan drastically declines. And in cars, there are many parts that do require a definite maintenance schedule. That said, from the engine to the transmission they all need servicing. But if for some reason, someone fails to do so, the bad consequence is evident. So today, to save you and your car from a big check we count 9 problems that arise with an automatic transmission. So, let’s dive straight in.

1.Transmission Hesitation

Automatic Transmission & Their Fuel Efficiency Explained In this situation, typically the driver will experience a slight delay when he/she engages Drive and when the vehicle actually starts to move. Well, there surely is a slight delay in some of the automatic transmission, in this situation the duration is a little longer. The most common reason for transmission to hesitate is a defective pressure pump or a slipping clutch. This can also be caused due to insufficient fuel pressure in the transmission.

2.Gears Slipping

One of the prime results of not serving your car’s automatic transmission periodically is slipping of gears. In a modern-day automatic transmission, the car’s ECU computes different variables and sends the signal to the transmission to select the appropriate gear. But at times, the transmission or the ECU does not respond to our right foot (accelerator pedal) the way we want. And the result is slipping of gears. In this scenario, the transmission shits back either to neutral or to the previous gear on and on or defective shift solenoids. And let me tell you, this is a serious problem. If you do face such problems, don’t wait just book a detailed inspection from Tagore Auto Parts and we’ll find the problem and fix it for you.

3.Transmission Fluid Leaking

Engine and Transmission
There is nothing technical about it, the headline says it all. Well, in an automatic transmission the working fluid is surely essential. It, not just lubricants the internal but also drives the mechanics in some type of transmissions. And if you experience this problem worry not, just download the GoMechanic App and book a free pick-up and drop service. In the end, we’ll fix the problem for you.

4.Gears Grinding

Well, the problem of grinding gears is more common in cars with manual transmission but at the time due to no regular checks, this could also happen in the car with automatic transmission.

If you hear a grinding noise or uncontrollable vibration, this means the transmission is grinding the gears. Low transmission fluid or transmission fluid leaks are the paramount causes of gears grinding. Worry not, just book a service at Tagore Auto Parts and we’ll handle the rest.

5.Unresponsive Transmission

An automatic transmission in a vehicle should respond to the gear all the gear selections. But if the machine is not following the inputs, it’s time to either get it checked out to get its services.

If the car’s transmission is not responding, this means either transmission fluid is too old and has become more viscous or there is some problem with the electricals. In either of the two cases feel free to get it checked with the experts. We are just a click away.

6.Making Noises

When driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you may witness a wining or rumbling sound. This is probably caused due to worn out bearings or other rotating components.

The intensity of the noises may or may not wary of the change in sleep. Also, these sounds are definitely alarming, as they can severely damage the internals of the transmission.

7. Check Engine Light

Whenever the car is in some problem the most common light that pops in the car’s instrument cluster is the check engine light. The check engine light can pop up due to multiple reasons, one being a faulty transmission.

There are numerous sensors installed on and inside the transmission. And if anything goes south, they send an SOS to the vehicle’s ECU. If that’s the case, you require a special OBD scanning device. So, we highly recommend seeing the experts and let them identify and solve the problems.

8.Engine Stalling Repeatedly

This problem is something that is super common in a torque converter automatic transmission. The engine repeatedly stalls at low speeds at this surely is a problem to worry about. This happens when the transmission’s clutch fails to disengage. And as the engine and transmission are permanently attached, that hinders the rotation of the half shaft or the differential. So, the best bet is to get it fixed as soon as possible. Now you know where to go.

9.Jerky Gear Shifts

Every component has a particular lifespan, be it a consumable or not consumable part. And talking about transmission, it is the transmission fluid that has the least life. Hence, getting it checked on a regular basis is a must. And yes, that jerky gearbox will be relieved from its troubles. All you have to do is download the GoMechanic App and book a service, we’ll handle the rest.

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