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Buyer Beware: Look for These 5 Things When Buying a Used Transmissions

A car will have an end-of-life, too. As your car ages, like any car that you rely on, you have always been told that things grow ever more expensive just because you want to keep it. With the right make, model and year of car, however, you might find yourself with a lot of down-time in your local auto salvage yards trying to find whatever part it is that they don’t want you to buy from them when it comes to the items your vehicle needs to keep on keeping on. Specifically, your engine and transmission. And if you do need to replace your transmission for whatever reason, always go used first

1. Check for Leaks

A big problem with a transmission is that it will be leaking. When you negotiate the price, make sure you check to determine if the transmission is leaking. If you cannot see any leaking, check the liquid levels in the transmission, add some and drip some on the ground to see if it leaks.

2. Compatibility

Ensure the used transmission is for the year, model, and make of your car, and is a match for the current engine. To avoid incompatible connections during installation, however, ensure that the transmission type, gear ratios and electrical controls all work together.

3. Mileage

Take notice of how the mileage on the used transmission relates to the mileage of your car at the time, and realise that a lower mileage gear box can be more attractive, although a well-maintained and serviced high mileage transmission can run faultlessly as well. Complicated issues could be the reason behind the high mileage issues facing the car, which might not be too old. Since it is almost impossible to think about everything at a single time, describe the mileage in detail with the seller.

4. Check the Warranty

The yard in question will likely have a warranty, and when you ask about it, they’ll tell you if parts and labour are covered. Get this in writing so you’ll know for certain – down the line.

5. Ask About the History

In most cases, you won’t be purchasing a transmission from a seller who has any history on it, so questions might well be paramount. And, if you if do have some history, you’ll be able to relate the risk factors in purchasing the new transmission.

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