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Used, Rebuilt or Remanufactured Transmission: What is the Difference?

When a product experiences wear or ceases to function properly, some users (particularly in an industrial context) throw it away and buy a new one. But most products can be put back into good working order at less cost through product recovery – re-using or repairing them. There are many ways to recover products, including refurbishing, rebuilding, remanufacturing and more.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is the repair, reuse, or new functional part assembly of an outdated worn-out product that meets the factory product specifications of the OEM. Remanufacturing allows you to take antiquated, obsolete, or seized-up worn out, or even non-operational – engines, electrical systems, auto parts, industrial equipment, aviation components – and bring them back to a pre-owned state by meeting the factory specifications of the manufacturer. What is the difference then between the processes and types of product recoveries and remanufacturing? What are the specifics of remanufacturing? Read on!


Refers to the process of restoring a used product to a functional working order, which depends on cosmetic improvements, like modifying a T-shirt, or basic repairs, like replacing all the car parts that are deemed functional, but still not as new.


involves taking something apart and replacing parts that have worn or broken with new or refurbished parts.


For goods like tiny car parts, the product recovery method most similar to remanufacturing is used. Both involve changing out failed parts. Yet in the remanufacturing process, when done by the manufacturer, the device can be returned to specifications required for the original guarantee, hence the term ‘remanufacture’. (That distinction, it turns out, is the difference between remanufactured and reconditioned goods: the latter are never covered by the original warranty).

Benefits of Remanufactured Products or Parts

The following are some of the key reasons, why deciding on a remanufactured product or part can do much good to you and the environment:

Cost Savings

I also want to discuss the benefits of remanufacturing so let me start by emphasising the cost savings. Remanufactured products reduce the huge costs of purchasing new equipment. Businesses can obtain/purchase high-quality products at considerably lower price than is required for the new products.


By prolonging the useful life of products already in existence and reducing the need for raw materials and energy used in the production of new products, remanufacturing is an important enabler of the circular economy.

Quality and reliability

To ensure you like your remanufactured product as much as devices fresh from the factory floor, every part undergoes complete physical and functional testing and is matched up to industry quality standards along the way.

Lower Downtime

Instead of waiting for new equipment to be manufactured and delivered, businesses can quickly acquire remanufactured products, lowering downtime and minimising the disruption to operations.

Environmental impact

Remanufacturing produces a lot less carbon emissions and environmental impact than making new equipment.

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